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5 Capabilities That Will Put Your Relaunch On Track

5 Capabilities That Will Put Your Relaunch On Track

by Naomi Owusu

Whether by chance, feedback or other processes – sometimes entrepreneurs discover that their product could use a relaunch.

Naomi Owusu, CEO of Tickaroo, discusses five characteristics of your team with which you can master your digital re-launch. You are...

... goal-oriented: Without a clear course nothing works

Before you blindly jump in, you must clearly define where your journey as a company is supposed to go. Do you want a redesign or a relaunch? While a redesign "only" means a visual overhaul of your product, a relaunch involves an extensive new start. From the business model to the target group, the entire company will be realigned. Once you have defined your goal, the next step is to determine your concrete battle plan, which will provide you with orientation.

... together: One for all, all for the relaunch

Let's face it, a relaunch is no picnic. It will cost a lot of time, resources – human and financial – and nerves. If not every employee is behind the project, the reorientation will probably fail. You can only master such a great challenge as a team when everyone pulls together. You must decide on the relaunch together and then carry it out together!

... looking ahead: Measure twice, cut once – it saves costs and nerves

Planning with foresight is worthwhile with regard to the costs involved. Before you really get started, you should draw up an estimate of your expenses from start to finish. In the course of your relaunch, the cost calculation is the clear framework in which you are moving and provides orientation for all team members. However, it is also important that you allow for enough buffer for the unexpected. No matter how good your original plan is, if something does come up, a certain amount of leeway will often prove to be more than helpful.

... critical: Trust is good, milestones are better

Teams only work well together if the basis of trust is strong, I think that everyone can agree on that. Nevertheless, it is important to check the progress of your relaunch at regular intervals so as not to get off course. Indirectly, you also control each other. Therefore, define milestones at the very beginning of the reorientation, which mark important steps on the way to a successful relaunch. If you reach the respective project stages, you will know that you are developing in the right direction.

...agile: Looking beyond the end of your nose

No matter how well you plan in advance, there can always be an unexpected hurdle that will certainly get in the way. For a successful relaunch it is essential that you are willing to re-evaluate flexibly. A project isn't working or costs much more resources than expected? No problem, as long as you keep your eyes open for alternative solutions and don't forget the financial situation in the back of your mind. The implementation of a relaunch is much easier if you allow yourself some leeway, not only from a financial but also from a planning point of view. In this way, you will be able to master the challenges that might get in your way.

Costs a lot, but also delivers a lot: An investment in the future

A relaunch costs – time, money, and human resources, but it is worth it! With a reorientation you improve the market position of your company, because you can either catch up with the competition or, if you are already the market leader, you can further extend your lead. You can also support your USP with a relaunch: users profit from a better user experience, and you as a company gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. With a successful reorientation, you not only create a powerful product, but also reach a whole new level as a team. Together, you are ready to face future challenges!

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